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We convey our utmost praise to our brilliant students who have secured a place in the 2nd level of Olympiads by competing with their counterparts from India and abroad in the 1st level.  The students who qualified for the same in different subjects are:

NTST (National Talent Search Test)

Runjhun Agarwal AIR 68 School Rank 1
Priyanshu AIR 105 School Rank 2
Shashank AIR 106 School Rank 1
Satvik Singh AIR 136 School Rank 3
Ayush Mishra AIR 201 School Rank 2
Arjun Shukla

AIR 204

School Rank 4
Athrava Paliwal AIR 214 School Rank 5
Akshay Shukla AIR 222 School Rank 6

NAO (National Aptitude Olympaid)

Name All India Rank School Rank
Appurva Sachan AIR 112 School Rank 1
Piyush Mishra AIR 312 School Rank 4
Khevana Tripathi AIR 226 School Rank 2
Shashank AIR 111 School Rank 1
Ayush Mishra AIR 203 School Rank 3
Akshay Shukla AIR 238 School Rank 5
Arjun Shukla AIR 237 School Rank 4
Aastha Mishra AIR 118 School Rank 2
Atharva Paliwal AIR 287 School Rank 7
Dheer Mawkin AIR 313 School Rank 5
Pratyush Srivastava AIR 239 School Rank 6
Suhani Gupta AIR 114 School Rank 1
Vinayak Modi AIR 263 School Rank 2
Runjhun Agarwal AIR 128 School Rank 2
Priyanshu AIR 288 School Rank 8
Twinkle Maheshwari AIR 124 School Rank 1
Swastik Singh AIR 133 School Rank 3


A spell bee competition was organized by "Wiz National Spell Bee". The objective of the competition was to identify spelling wizards.

The following children cleared the Inter school level with flying colours and brought laurels to the school. They will now be appearing for the State Level Competition.

They were given certificates.

1 Aayush Mishra IV
2 Lakshya III
3 Swastik Singh III
4 Akshay Shukla III
5 Naman III
6 Arnav Sharma IV