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A man is known by the company he keeps

On 10th July, 2014 , students of class III conducted a special assembly on the topic “A man is known by the company he keeps”. The students performed a small skit in which they acted well and showed how a bad company spoils the whole lot and how one should be careful while choosing friends.

Golden words of our life

On 15th July, 2014 , students of class II conducted a special assembly on the topic “Golden words of our life”. Children were very enthusiastic and they depicted the importance of golden words like – thank you, welcome, please, sorry etc with the help of a skit. The children told how the golden words of our life help us in earning love and respect.

Eat Healthy Be Healthy

The special assembly was conducted by class-I students on 22nd July, 2014 on the topic “Eat Healthy Be Healthy”. The students through a small skit highlighted the importance of healthy food in our life. They told how junk food can be harmful to our health. The assembly ended with a message that if we want to stay fit, we should always eat healthy food.

Forgive and Forget – Our Responsibility

The special assembly was conducted by class I students on 22nd July, 2014 on the topic “Forgive and Forget – Our Responsibility”. The students made beautiful banners and gave a message that we should not hold grudges in our life. We should always forgive the people around us and forgive their mistakes. The assembly ended with a beautiful message i.e. “The weak can never forgive and forgiveness is the attribute of strong”.

Right to Education

On 30th July, 2014 class-V students conducted an assembly on the topic “Right to Education” in which they told that education is a human right with immense power to transform. They highlighted that education aims at bringing an all round development in a child’s personality. At last, they covered the most important point of girls education.

Friendship – A bond to cherish

On 5th August, class IV students conducted a special assembly on the topic “Friendship – a bond to cherish”. Students made beautiful banners and they acted on a skit. They told nice quotations on friendship and imparted the message that in order to make friendship stronger, it is necessary to take care of our friends. We should always be loyal to our friends and support them.

Be careful – Horn is honking

The special assembly was conducted by class III students on 12th August, 2014 on the topic – “Be careful – horn is honking”. The students spoke about how noise pollution is harmful to us, the diseases caused by it and what steps should be taken to control it.

Time and Tide wait for none

On 19th August, 2014 the students of class II conducted a special assembly on the topic “Time and Tide wait for none”. The students narrated a poem. The little stars also gave a short and crisp performance on the importance of the time.

Our Responsibility towards society

On 9th September, 2014 , class V students conducted a special assembly on the topic “Our Responsibility Towards Society” in which they highlighted the meaning of the word “society” and the responsibilities of a good citizen towards it. They showed through a small skit that how we can help our society by living an honest life.

Women – the symbol of strength

On 16th September, 2014 class IV students conducted a special assembly on the topic “Women – the symbol of strength” in which they spoke about the distinct personalities of India like Sania Mirza, Kiran Bedi, Mother Teresa, Sonia Gandhi, Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams.

Save Ganga

The class III students conducted a special assembly on 23rd September, 2014 on the topic Save Ganga. The students explained the importance of river Ganga and told how to protect it.

Love and respect thy elders

Why elders should be loved and respected the reasons were unveiled by students of class II through a special assembly conducted on 30th September, 2014. They taught with their actions that elders are the knowledge bank and an experienced one’s. We should always shower them with love and respect them.

Pre-Primary Welcome Assembly

A special assembly on the Topic-"Golden rules of the school" was presented by the Pre-Primary students. The students recited a poem on Good Manners with voice modulation and actions. The students spoke a few lines on the good conduct of a student. The assembly ended with an energetic dance performance which received a thundering applause from the audience.


Primary Welcome Assembly

To welcome the new academic session 2013-14 with full enthusiasm and gusto, a special welcome assembly was conducted by the students of class IV. The stage area looked bright and colourful with banner, balloons, buntings etc. The assembly started with a welcome note followed by the morning  prayer and thought. A few students spoke confidently about how to become a good student. The school choir presented a melodious song "Welcome, welcome to all of you".'The brave little kite' an encouraging poem motivated the students to never give up. A short skit 'Happy to be me' was appreciated by one and all. The assembly came to an  end with a foot tapping and peppy dance number which received a huge round of applause.


"Hello! Mr. Froggie"

To rejoice the coming of Monsoon Season the students of class Nursery presented a special assembly- "Hello! Mr. Froggie". The students spoke about the things related to the Rainy Season. They recited a rhyme "Rain drops" on rainy season. The tiny tots presented a colourful fashion show which depicted various things we see, eat and wear in the rainy season.


Independence Day

A special assembly was presented by class II students to show case the importance of Independence Day. The school premises were decorated with tricolour pin wheels, cutouts and patriotic slogans etc.

The assembly began with a few lines on the relevance of Independence Day and the importance of celebrating it every year. The children were brimming with confidence in their thematic attire. Recitation of the poem tiranga yaad dilata ha along with the school orchestra inspired and enhanced the patriotic spirit of every one present.

A melodious choir which was full of determination was also presented making the environment even more enthusiastic followed by a skit based on the moral 'Even the smartest wrong doer can be caught red handed, therefore we should not do any thing wrong to others' was presented by the talented upcoming artists.
The assembly came to an end with a brilliant and well co-ordinated dance performance which was a tribute to all those who gave their lives for this day.


May I help you

The students of class Prep presented a special assembly on the topic 'May I help you' The students briefed about the importance of community helpers in our day to day life. It was followed by an inspirational poem supported by fascinating head gears depicting the value of community helpers. The assembly came to an end with an enthralling dance performance by our tiny toddlers.


Teacher's Day

Teachers mould the life of students and the lessons learnt from them stay in the hearts of students through out there life. The entire school was thematically decorated with motivational quotations like 'teacher you are the best, 'I love you teacher' etc. An eye catching banner with attractive flowers and leaves was put up with cute smileys  and colourful and beaded crepe paper strings. The assembly began with the morning prayer followed by a theme relevant thought 'The best teacher is the one who suggests rather than dogmatizes and inspires her listener with the wish to teach herself'. This was followed by a few children speaking on the importance of this day, which is celebrated as the Birthday of Dr. Radha krishnan a famous educationist. Thereafter an English rhyme, 'Teacher you are number one' was recited with great clarity and expression to honour and respect the teachers. A teacher is the most important person in our life. This was confidently expressed by a group of children emphasizing on what each letter in the word teacher stands for.  The school choir comprising of our little singing divas, stole the show by singing the song 'Teacher, I love my teacher'. Dancing has always been a part of our celebrations, the foot tapping dance performance put up by the students stole the hearts of one and all. Any celebration is incomplete without adding the fun element to it. To make this day memorable for our loving teachers some very interesting and exciting one minute games, singing rounds were organized. The assembly ended with our Head mistress Ms. Anju Varma appreciating the hard work and dedication of the teachers.