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Janmashtami Celebration

Janmashtami festival was celebrated on 16th August, 2014  with great joy. The premises was decorated with flowers, swings etc. the students participated with great enthusiasm. Children displayed jhankis showing important incidents from the lord’s life. Students made beautiful crowns of Krishna. They decorated them with mirrors, sparkles & peacock feathers. They all had a gala time.


Investiture Ceremony

Nurturing students to be the future leaders, DPS Kidwai Nagar held the investiture ceremony on 15th September’14 to bestow the deserving students of the school with responsibility of leading the school from front. This year council comprised of Arnav Sharma as the head boy and Aastha Mishra as the head girl ; along with various house captains and ministers. The members of the council took an oath and Pro-Vice Chair person Mrs. Bandana Mishra; bestowed the badges. The council members pledged to work earnestly and keep the school motto in high esteem. Joshi ma’am congratulated the office bearers and advised them to take their duties sincerely.

Hindi Story Telling Competition

Story telling teaches children about the world, provides real world social interaction and develops both knowledge and love for the stories. With the view, D.P.S. organized the Hindi Story Telling Competition for classes I & II on 29th September, 2014 and for classes III, IV & V on 30th September, 2014. Each participant narrated a beautiful story with a moral value. The students participated zealously and impressed the audience with their confidence. The activity helped the students to inculcate good moral values and enhance their knowledge and vocabulary skills.

Winners of Hindi Story Telling Competition

Class-I            :-          1st – Sonakshi Singh

                                    2nd – Isha Agarwal

                                    3rd – Namami Gupta

Class-II           :-         1st –  Diya Singh

         2nd – Shreeyanshi Singh

                                    3rd – Yukti Chaurasia

Class-III           :-        1st – Suhani Gupta

                                    2nd – Harsh Tripathi

Class-IV           :-        1st – Runjhun Agarwal

                                    2nd – Twinkle maheshwari

Class-V             :-        1st – Aastha Mishra

English Spellathon Competition

D.P.S Kidwai Nagar organized an Inter house English spellathon competition on 30th September, 2014. The competition was held in two groups for classes I & II and for classes III, IV & V. There were four rounds. The participants were asked to spell the words. The audience were also abuzz with excitement and were cheering for their respective houses. Daffodils house was the winner in both the groups.

Winners of English Spellathon Competition

                        Group A

Class-I & II                :-             1st – Daffodils House

Participants              :-             Diya Singh

                                                Shourya Gupta

                     Aishanya Mishra

                     Tanay Shukla

                        Group B       

Class-III, IV & V         :-           1st – Daffodils House

Participants             :-             Aastha Mishra

                                                Arjun Shukla

                                                Kartikey Dubey

                                                Bhumi Srivastava

                                                Harsh Maheshwari



Dussehra, the festival to celebrate the victory of good over evil, was celebrated on 1st October, 2014 in school premises with a lot of religious zeal. The special assembly was conducted by class III students on why we celebrate dussehra. The program began with a prayer and a message on dussehra. The students portrayed the mythological characters of Ram, Laxman, Sita, Hanuman and Ravan and said few lines on their respective characters.


Diwali was celebrated on Tuesday, 21st October with great pomp and revelry in D.P.S. Kidwai Nagar. The children dressed up in traditional attire and they decorated their classes with streamers & bandhanvars. They livened up the class with diyas that had decorated very beautifully. The school entrance was decorated with beautiful rangoli patterns and also with meaningful posters with slogans of ‘Say No To Crackers’. The special assembly was conducted by class I & II students. The assembly comprised of a skit which showed how the diwali is celebrated at homes which was followed by the ppoja and arti of Goddess Laxmi. They also shared snacks and sweets with each other forgetting all differences and bringing out the spirit of “Good over the evil”. Dandiya dance party was also organized on the same day in which students had lots of fun.


Halloween Costume Parade

D.P.S. Kidwai Nagar organized a “Halloween Costume Parade” for the pre-primary classes on 9th October, 2014. The children were dressed up as a witch, vampires, ghosts and pumpkin. They had spoken few lines along with their introduction on the respective costumes.

The winners of different classes are as follows :

Class-Pre-Nursery  :-             1st – Akshat Singh

                                                 2nd – Anchal Verma & Shivansh Pandey

                                                 3rd – Angad Sachan & Aishani Tandon

Class-Nursery          :-            1st –  Parth Mehrotra

                      2nd – Abhyuday Tripathi

                                                 3rd – Kavya Srivastava & Aryan Agarwal

Class-Prep                :-             1st –  Shourya Tiwari

                       2nd – Vansh Srivastava

                                                 3rd – Anya Jain & Vedant Gupta




April / May


Parents Orientation

Aayi Baisakhi


Impressions (Pre-nursery & Nursery)

World Book Day – Class Prep


Safety Day




Travel on wheels


Riddle Day


Earth Day Everyday




Let’s Remember


Think and Tell!


Discoveries and Inventions




Following your foot steps


100th Day


Barn Day




Spread light spread love


Halloween – Costume Parade


Dip and Dye




Rhyme n Rhythm


Up and Away



Joy of Giving


Just Do It


January / February


Country Search


Fable Time


Space Search




Know your elders


Computer Genius

Award Ceremony

The Shining Stars

Story Telling Competition

Story Telling Competition that took place on 25th July, 2014 helped our little ones to work on their communication and language skills while giving them the opportunity to share their magical words using paints and pencils.

Their curiosity for knowledge and innocent imagination were astounding, leading them to fascinating new discoveries. Each child had a unique story to tell.

Winners of Story Telling Competition

Class-I            :-          1st – Sonakshi Singh

                                    2nd – Isha Agarwal

                                    3rd – Aishanya Mishra / Tanay Shukla

Class-II           :-        1st –  Diya Singh

                                  2nd – Rishika Mittal

                                  3rd – Shreeyanshi Singh

Class-III          :-        1st – Harsh Tripathi

                                   2nd – Saksham Mittal

                                   3rd – Suhani Gupta

Class-IV         :-        1st – Pratyush Srivastava

                                    2nd – Virat Akshay Shukla

                                    3rd – Runjhun Agarwal

Class-V           :-        1st – Arnav Sharma

                                   2nd – Aastha Mishra

                                   3rd – Shashank/ Ayush Mishra

Rhyme & Shine Competition

Poetry recitation was held on 12th July, 2014. It is an effective method for students to increase their appreciation for language and cement their mastery over public speaking. Such school activities helps us to find hidden gems in literature and it develops their creative thinking and imagining capability.

Winners of Rhyme & Shine Competition

Class-I            :-        1st – Namami Gupta

                                    2nd – Sonakshi Singh / Shubham Rana

                                    3rd – Ain Ahmed

Class-II           :-        1st –  Diya Singh

                                  2nd – Rishika Mittal

                                    3rd – Khevna Tripathi

Class-III          :-        1st – Harshit Asthana / Suhani Gupta

                                    2nd – Saksham Mittal

Class-IV         :-        1st – Runjhun Agarwal

                                    2nd – Veer Arjun Shukla

                                    3rd – Twinkle Maheshwari

Class-V           :-        1st – Arnav Sharma

                                    2nd – Aastha Mishra

                                    3rd – Shashank


All the students of primary sections participated in this competition. The students recited rhymes with actions and expressions children enjoyed being a part of this competition .The winners of the competition were .

The winners of the competition were-

Ananya Yadav
Classes 1st 2nd 3rd
  I Khevna Tripathi Gauri Saxena
  II Sanchit Chicker Ananya Saxena  
  Amanat Ali Sankalp Khandelwal Aditya Makkar/Ishita Verma
 II Tanmay Jhamtani Mohd. Salsabeel Sharvi Thakur


All pre primary students dressed up in beautiful attire of freedom fighters . They all enjoyed being a part of this competition. The winners of this competition were. 

Children took part enthusiastically and the winners were:-

Class Name of the student Position
Pre-Nursery-A Kanishk soni Ist
Katayaini Gupta 2nd
Md. Umar 3rd
Pre-Nursery-B Aishwarya Tiwari 1st
Aadhya Dhingra 2nd
Sanchit Chicker 3rd
Nursery Utsavi Mishra 1st
Shreyansh Sonkar 2nd
Krishna Chopra 3rd
Nursery-B Ipsita Mishra 1st
Nishtha Ranjan 2nd
Sankalp Khandelwal 3rd
Nursery-C Harsh Dengla 1st
Aaditya Makkar 2nd
Avika Gupta 2nd
Ishita Verma 3rd
Prep-A Harsh Dengla 1st
Pratyansh Khatri 2nd
Harshal Singh 3rd
Prep-B Samriddhi Chowdhary 1st
Ramya Nigam 2nd
Kushagra Soni 3rd
Prep-C Arnav Pandey 1st
Dhruv Gupta 2nd
Trisha Gupta 3rd

"Friends Forever"

As you all know that a childhood friend is a friend forever. So to revive the feel of friendship DPS, Kidwai Nagar organized a competition "Friends Forever". This was an inter class wrist band making competition for pre-primary. In this competition children made beautiful wrist bands using ribbons, mirrors, flowers etc. Some used photographs of their best friend. The efforts put in by children were actually showing their love and affection for their friends.

The winners of the competition were:-

Name of the student class\sec Position
Unnati Agarwal Pre-Nursery-B 1st
Shrija Mishra Pre-Nursery-B 2nd
Saumans Bharti Pre-Nursery-B 3rd
Karamveer Singh Nursery-C 1st
Aanya Singh Nursery-C 2nd
Shubh Verma Nursery-C 3rd
Sarthak Mehrotra Prep-C 1st

"On The Hot Seat"

A quiz competition based on Environmental Studies 'On the hot seat' was held for Pre-Primary students. The students participated enthusiastically in this competition.

The results were as follows:

Class Ist Position IInd Position IIIrd Position
Pre-Nur-A Kanishk Soni Katayaini Gupta Naliraksh Mishra
Pre-Nur-B Saumans Bharti Anjanaya Pandey Sanchit Chicker
Nursery -A Wazira Siraj Anmol Srivastava Kulveer R.S. Bhatia
Nursery-B Sankalp Khandelwal Nishtha Ranjan Mohd. Salsabeel
Nursery-C Aditya Makkar
Sharvi Thakur
Ritika Pandey Ishita Verma
Prep-A Pratyansh Khatri Arnav Moudgil Harsh Dengla
Prep-B Arni Singh Auisha Gulati Aarav Agarwal
Prep-C Arnav Pandey Bhawana Samtani Aanya Singh
Sarthak Mehrotra

"Book Jacket"

'Books are our real treasure'. Keeping this thought in mind and to emphasize on the importance of books in one's life a Book Mark Decoration Competition for classes I and II and a Book Jacket Decoration Competition for classes III and IV.

The winners were as follows:-

Class I II III
Class I Panhkuri Jaiswal (I-C) Ahmad Mustafa (I-A) Jasmine Kaur Anas(I-A)
Class II Rishab Dawrani(II-A) Arjav Sharma (II-C)
Saksham Dawrani(II-C)
Ishana Jaggi(II-D)
Class III Satvik Dhingra(III-B) Tulika Srivastava(III-A) Anitej Gupta(III-C)
Class IV Simran Jindal(IV-C) Manya Mehrotra(IV-B) Rashpreet Kaur(IV-A)


Neat and impeccable handwriting gives a positive approach of an individual. To motivate the students for a neat and legible handwriting, a Calligraphy Competition was organized for clases I,II and III.

The winners were as follows:

Class I II III
Class I Jasmine Anas (I-A) Shaurya Awasthi (II-C) Chistraj Singh (III-A)
Class II Pranav Agarwal (I-A) Tanya Srivastava (II-A) Satvik Dhingra (III-B)
Class III Pushti Agarwal (I-B) Shubham Jaiswal(II-B) Sukrati Pandey (III-A)

Inter House Quiz

To assess the scientific skills of the children, an Inter house  Science Quiz Competition was held for class IV. The quiz comprised of 3 rounds like Flag round, audio -visual round and questionnaire round. All the houses participated sportingly and enthusiastically in the competition.

The winners were as follows:-

1st- Daffodils
2nd Shamrock
3rd Bluebells

Skit Competition

A skit competition was organized for classes I-IV which gave the students the opportunity to show their hidden talents and gain confidence. The students were adjudged on expressions, clarity of speech, dialogue delivery, voice modulation and content of the story.

The winners were:-

Class Ist Position IInd Position IIIrd Position
I Section-C Section-B,A
II Section-A Section-B Section-C
III Section-A Section-C Section-B
IV Section-A Section-B Section-C

Drawing and Colouring Competition "My Country"

A drawing and colouring competition was organised for classes I and II on the topic 'My Country'.

The results are as follows:

Ist Position IInd Position IIIrd Position
Pankhuri Jaiswal (I-C) Dhruv Dixit (I-C) Aadya Gupta (I-A)
Tanvi Bhatia (II-C)
Satakshi Katiyar (II-D)
Satvik Gogia (II-D)
Jiya Anand (II-B)
Aarjav Sharma (II-C)

Slogan Writing Competition

A slogan writing competition was organised for classes III and IV on the topic 'My Country'.

The results are as follows:

Ist Position IInd Position IIIrd Position
Aashika Pal (III-B) Rida Fatima (III-C) Arihant Srivastava (III-B)
Hitakshi Jhamtani (IV-B) Manya Mehrotra (IV-B) Swastik Jain (IV-A)

Hindi Choral Competition

A 'Hindi Choral Competition was held for the Primary classes in the month of September to be in sync with the 'Teachers day celebrations. Class IV presented a thematic rhyme 'Hamare Guruji'  which emphasized on the fact that a teacher holds a designation which is much higher than that of God because she only shows us the path to meet God.

The results are as follows:-

Class Section Position
IV C 1st
IV A 2nd
IV B 3rd

Class III presented a rhyme 'Shikshak Ka Mahatv' which threw light on the fact that a teacher is the most respectable person in a students life and is held in high esteem because he/she teaches them to differentiate between right and wrong.

The results are as follows:-

Class Section Position
III A 1st
III C 2nd
III B 3rd

The title of the poem presented by class II was 'Chetak Ki Veertu'. It reminded us of Maharana Pratap brave horse Chetak who use to give a tought teme to the enemies on the battle field.

The results are as follows:-

Class Section Position
II B 1st
II D 2nd
II A 3rd

Class I recited the poem 'Veer Tum Badhe Chalo Dheer Tum Badhe Chalo'. This poem was based on the love that one feels for his/her country, so whatever difficulties we have to face in protecting our country will be faced with a smiling face.

Class Section Position
I B 1st
I C 2nd
I A 3rd

All the classes took part enthusiastically and recited the rhymes with clarity, voice modulation and good expressions. The objective of such competition is to develop confidence and good recitation skills in our students.