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Event Calendar

January 2014

1st Competition - Friends Forever(Pre-Primary)
2nd Competition  - English Skit (Class II)
5th Competition  - English Skit (Class III)
6th   Competition  - English Skit (Class I)
8th    Planetarium show (Nursery to Class IV)
13th  Assembly - Independence Day (By Class - II)
14th Assembly - We are one (Pre-Primary)
15th Drawing & Colouring Thematic Competition
26th  Competition - Spell Bee (Classes I to IV)

Feburary 2014

2nd Assembly - May I Help You! (Pre-Primary)
5th Competition - Hindi Choral (Class IV)
13th   Competition - On the Hot Seat (Pre-Primary)
17th     Activity - Personality/Manners/Etiquettes (Classes I & II)
20th  Activity - Catch me if you can (Pre-Primary)
23rd Competition - Hindi Choral (Class IlI)
24th Competition - Hindi Choral (Class II)
26th  Competition - Hindi Choral (Class I)

March 2014

1st Story Telling Competition (Pre-Primary)
3rd Individual           Story Telling Competition (Classes II to IV)
4th Individual           Story Telling Competition (Class I)
10th     Activity - Share Care (Pre-Primary), Diverse Cultures (Class III)
 24th Assembly - Friendly farm (Pre-Primary)
29th English Choral Competition (Class III)